Lyrics · March 12, 2022

Paramore’s “Still Into You” Lyrics

Still Into You Lyrics

Paramore’s newest single “Still Into You” is out now. The song is the second single from the band’s upcoming album. The song was written by Hayley Williams and Taylor York and is set to release on March 14. The band’s new album will be called “Pretty Trauma” and will be released in stores on March 14. Here are the lyrics to the hit song. It’s time to start feeling like a new person again, because the lyrics of this hit are so great.

Logic: The lyrics of the song are about the euphoric stage of a relationship. The first verse relates to a general romantic relationship. The second verse is aimed at a particular person, but doesn’t lose the general applicability of the first verse. In other words, the song is about being in love with someone. The song is about the feelings that come with this stage of a relationship.

Still In Love: You’re Still Into Me. The lyrics of this song are based on logic and love. The lyrics are about the euphoric stage of a relationship. When you’re still in love with someone, you’re not likely to change your mind. The words are rooted in logic and the relationship has survived the passage of time. So, if your love is rooted in logic, don’t let it stop now. The more you try, the more you’ll be able to see that the other person is still into you.

The lyrics of “Still into You” have been popular for years, and despite the discontentment that comes with the passage of time, the relationship has endured. It’s not based on logic, it’s based on love. This song is a logical way to tell your partner that you’re still into him or her. Logic will always work out, and it will be worth the fight.

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It’s possible that you’re still into your partner but you aren’t quite sure what it means. The song’s lyrics refer to the euphoric stage of romance. The second verse, however, addresses a specific person, but doesn’t lose the general applicability of the first verse. It doesn’t specify the purpose of the romance. It simply tells that he or she is still into you, but that she is not.

Logic is a powerful tool in relationships. It is a great way to keep the love you have for your partner. If you can keep your focus on this, you will make the relationship work out. But if you’re still in love, there’s no reason to stop living together. You’ll both have to make a decision to move forward. The song’s lyrics should be a positive reflection of your relationship.

While the first verse focuses on the relationship, the second verse focuses on the euphoria of love. The first verse is directed at a specific person, but the lyrics don’t mention the purpose. The purpose of the relationship is the same, but the lyrics are written in such a way that both parties feel happy. You can’t help but feel love in the air. It’s impossible not to smile when reading the words from this song.

This song’s lyrics speak volumes about a relationship. It’s about a love that has survived the test of time. The first verse is about the euphoria of a romantic relationship. The second verse is about the relationship’s purpose. The two verses don’t specify whether the romance is intended for love or to make life last. In reality, the songs are about a relationship’s euphoria.

When your partner is still into you, they’re not afraid to tell you. If you’re still in love with someone, they’ll do anything for you. In the first verse, it’s about euphoria. The second verse, however, addresses a specific person, although it retains its general applicability. When this happens, it’s important to remember that the relationship is still worth it.

The song’s lyrics also tell you if the relationship is still going strong. The lyrics may describe feelings of butterflies. When the two are fighting, there’s a conflict, and that’s where the two are at. When you’re still in love, the feelings are mutual. A great song will show your partner’s desire and love. They should want to know what you’re thinking about. Then, the lyrics will give them a clearer picture of how you’re feeling.