126 No-Cost Marketing Holidays and Tools to Test-Drive in September

Want a list of small business marketing ideas that won’t break the bank? Use national days, weeks and months to rev up your brand and piggyback what’s trending. It’s how to get publicity for your business using the power of social media.

Go with no-cost marketing all the way and take advantage of popular and off-beat dates for special offers, incentives, and theme days. Then create content, graphics, and videos for blogs and online channels. While you’re at it, add relevant #hashtags to attract your target audience and focus your marketing efforts.

Sadly, you might have missed National Eat Your Beans Day on July 3rd and National Lollipop Day on July 20th, but don’t worry — there are still other promotional days to align with. Small Business Trends shares September’s notable dates and a huge list of national holidays for the entire year. Check out National Day Calendar too, for specific themed weeks in 2022, some that you might recognize and others that are new.

One marketing tip to keep track of all these dates is to use a social media content calendar. Check out these templates to find your favorite and use it to stay organized along with your business marketing checklist.  

 September Monthly Holidays [2022]

Hispanic National Month – September 15 – October 15
National Preparedness Month
International Update Your Resume Month
National Library Card Sign Up Month
Self-Improvement Month

September Weekly Holidays [2022]

National Suicide Prevention Week – September 4 – 10 
National Singles Week – September 11 – 17
National Assisted Living Week – September 11 – 17
International Week of the Deaf – September 19 – 25

September National Days [2022]

National No Rhyme (Nor Reason Day) – September 1
National Chianti Day – September 2
World Beard Day – September 3
National Wildlife Day – September 4
National Coffee Ice Cream Day – September 6
National Grateful Patient Day – September 7
National School Picture Day – September 8
National Grandparent’s Day – September 12
National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day – September 13
National Pow/MIA Recognition Day – September 16
National Cleanup Day – September 17
Talk Like a Pirate Day – September 19
National IT Professionals Day – September 20
American Business Women’s Day – September 22
Celebrate Bisexuality Day – September 23
National Public Lands Day – September 24
National Lobster Day – September 25
National Family Day – September 26
National Day of Forgiveness – September 27
National Women’s Health & Fitness Day – September 28
National Coffee Day – September 29
National Love People Day – September 30

Let’s look at Lobster Day on September 25th as an example. It seems like a perfect fit for Red Lobster®, and it may be. The restaurant chain will most likely capitalize on other media promotions to build back-to-back awareness, like they’re doing with their Seafood Summerfest Sweepstakes which runs from August 1 – 14. Both PR opportunities attract their target market, lobster lovers, and build brand equity.

National months, weeks, and days enhance marketing and PR opportunities in other industries too.

If you’re in the fitness business, there’s National Women’s Health & Fitness Day. If your target market loves the great outdoors or camping, there’s National Public Lands Day. You might have already seen that U.S. national parks are offering free admission on Saturday, September 24. In case you want to visit any of these parks or volunteer, here’s a list.  

Every brand isn’t lighthearted and often, brands invest millions in supporting a more serious cause. Take Breast Cancer Awareness and Bully Prevention month in October. Perhaps you know someone who’s had breast cancer or has suffered from bullying. Millions participate, donate, and share stories to support a cause they believe in, that has affected their families.

Whether you’re for profit or a non-profit, create a small business PR strategy that’s customized to meet your goals. Think about specific call-to-actions that allow viewers to follow your lead to get the results you’re looking for.

That’s what promotion is all about.  

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